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Links and FAQs

In the price is included the tourist tax?

NO, this tax is imposed by the city and will be collected at the property, the final cleaning is not included in the price.

How long does an aqua alta last?

High water depends on the tide cycle (the alternation of high and low tides happens every 6 hours): when there is “acqua alta” on the streets this lasts only a few hours during the peak of the high tide (usually 3 to 4 hours). Once water goes down again, things go back to normality.

(Italiano) Quando si verifica una marea eccezionale?

Una marea eccezionale, si verifica statisticamente una volta ogni 4 anni. E’ causata dalla coincidenza di vari fattori: la marea astronomica, una depressione meteorologica sul Tirreno e il conseguente forte vento di scirocco.

What’s “acqua alta” (high water)?


“Acqua alta” (high water) is a phenomenon which generally takes place in Venice in winter time, when a combination of astronomical tide, strong south wind (scirocco) and seiche (see glossary below) can cause a larger inflow of water into the Venetian Lagoon.

I am arriving in Venice early in the morning…Is it possible to leave the baggage if the SOLUTION is not ready?

If the room  is not ready at the time of your arrival, you can leave your baggage and we will give you the keys . We ask you to please inform us of your expected time of arrival.

What time do I have to leave the room on the day of departure? Can I leave my baggage?

The check out time is 10am, however it is possible to leave your baggage in a safe place.

Are there supermarkets nearby?

Two minutes from GLI  ANGELI there is one of the few supermarkets in Venice.

I am travelling with a small baby, is it possible to have a cot in the room?

Certainly, we are happy to supply on request, a baby cot, free of charge.

Is there Wi Fi internet connection available?

Each room  has free Wi Fi internet connection.

How can I get to GLI ANGELI?

In the PAGE in our web you will find all the infornations how to reach our b&b.

The way to arrive the GLI ANGELI is long?

Absolutly no, the way is very short, you can take a look at the video in this page.

Are sheet and towels provided in the room?

Yes, sheets and towels are provided for each person.

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